Wine... Mac... Support... Potentially?

Lol, it’s been a while. Looking back at myself, XD i was a really dumb 11 year old. Anyway, I looked into things, and it seems that no progress has been made on mac support… bummer. I was wondering if it’s possible to run the game with wine on a mac? It seems that it would work, I don’t know why it wouldn’t anyway. Even if it was possible, I have the game on steam, but thats the only way I know how to access it. Where can I find the program itself, assuming I haven’t moved it somewhere dumbly?

Because the game is still in Alpha. Mac and Linux support are something so far down the road that I would not expect it shortly before the releases, i.e. at the end of (or very late into) the beta.

There’s so many other things they need to worry right now without a completely different platform to debug and support.

Rightclick the game in your library -> Properties -> Local Files -> Browse local files.


It is on the horizon, my friend. For now, would you fancy yourself to a game of Timber and Stone?

Shuffles away awkwardly and tries not to look like a salesman


Thanks, but um…
In Library, there is no folder called properties… :?

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