Problem with payment? [Resolved]

Ok… THIS TIME i have enough money for the game… so i have clicked the button to buy the game… done through amazon… with my email/card etc etc… says thank you for your purchase, please read your email while we are processing … etc… well i have checked my email 20 times… annnd i have NO EMAILS from anything to do with this company! please help

… now after 10 mins i have the email… that it is processing my order this is not a charge etc… how long does this thing take???

again… payment failed!!! the money is in the account…all £19.53 of it (i have just checked with my online banking!!!)

what is going on here???

Check with Amazon - it’s possible they don’t like your card type. I don;t know about the UK, but I know that some NZ cards just aren’t accepted by international (usually US) vendors. But in either case, the people you need to be talking to is Amazon, not the stonehearth forum. Amazon have an online chat feature you can use to texttalk directly to someone who should be able to sort out your issue or let you know what the problem is.

Also, if you have put exactly £19.53 in your account, it could be failing because of fluctuations in the exchange rate - it might now cost £19.57. As I said last week when you posted, I would put at last £20 in your account.

its deffo accepting my card… if i can watch prime :smiley: and also, there is £42.58 to be exact in my account… what do i do?

Well, everybody else seems to be able to purchase it fine, so I imagine the issue here ISN’T the vendor and is, in fact, you. I’ve already suggested you contact Amazon support and get some resolution instead of just complaining over and over on a forum, but you obviously prefer to have things to complain about rather than trying to fix them.


well when i have checked … checked… and RE checeked (i have live chatted with amazon and they say its stonehearth’s end) it CANT be my problem… as i say… i am DONE here

If amazon is a problem, and they didn’t charge you. Go through humble bundle. Setup a paypal acct tied to the credit card or your bank acct (it is a very trusted site). Other then that I don’t know what else to tell you other then get ahold of your credit card company, or amazon.

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I know it can be frustrating. And it couldn’t be Stonehearth (Radiant’s) fault. Sites can be stupid sometime. Do the suggestion above, that will work.

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What is happening? You had problems before, you didn’t respond, just said that you were having problems.

There is no reason why this should be failing. If amazon doesn’t work, there is always paypal, what card type is registered to your amazon account? A debit card, credit card, any other type of card?

You’re not exactly giving us much to help you with other than incoherent angry half-sentences.


This happens when people can’t stand the hype. We waited for a year to have the game. And they can’t wait some days (hours?) until the purchase is processed.

Blame the payment gateways… :expressionless:

We can’t do much until amazon or whichever actually charges the cost.
I’d try following @micheal_handy76_mh suggestions. :disappointed_relieved:


The problem with amazon, is it might be a prepay thing. He wont get stonehearth till it comes out. I don’t know, if it’s confirmed and they processed it. That might be what it is coming down too. It’s why I always follow instructions on the game sites, if they say get it through humble bundle to get alpha or anything just do it ya know DO IT lol


ok i have set up pay pal… but it says it need up to a week (2-7 days) to process the verification… sorry for my rage, i just love the look of this game sooo much (being an old vet at DF DK and gnomoria) and i really want to play this game

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Just be patient, and make sure amazon didnt charge you. If they did ask for a refund, then after your paypal is all done, go through Humble Bundle


I got stonehearth through amazon. For me it went through in under an hour. USA with a debit card. Got the email with the steam key and humble bundle download no troubles. The email with the download link comes from Humble Bundle, so it is possible your spam filter ate the email.


nah… it just kept sending me the processing email… and then when i waited 10-20 mins and looked at the processing page… it was a big red X with purchase failed oh well… i will just have to go into my bank tomoz or wait for pay pal to verify cheers guys… and sorry again for the rage


ok @Barney324, keep us posted on your progress… but also please refrain from any future rants/rages… :wink:


Ok, seems @Barney324 finally got the game :wink:

Have fun!!

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