I can't buy this game, help?

hi guys, just wondering how to buy this game… i click the download link and it takes me to pay through amazon… i create my new credit details (new card) and i fill it in from the UK… when it gets to putting my address it keeps giving the error (zip code must start with two letter formats: WG…) or something… but when i put my uk postcode (example) RG21 84G it wont let me do it

Yes i have changed the country to United Kingdom


i have even signed up to humble bundle and tried to find it there… But when i type stonehearth in the store, it can’t find it

I really want this game :frowning:

hmm… and the paypal feature is giving you grief as well?

yeah, its not actually available via Steam or HB directly…

Odd - it should definitely work as many people from the UK have purchased, you have an amazon account yes? Make sure all the details are fine in that, and that you’ve selected the right card type.

Like @steveadamo has said - perhaps try paypal?

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well this is messed up… to confirm my linked card i need tto confirm buy checking your card statement for a 4 digit code :S where do i find this??? i want to play now lol…not next week

ok screw this… i have made a new amazon account, added my card…,. address etc etc… made sure there is enough money in there $30 = £9.63 … i have £10.25… then it said invalid payment method in my email… so i have tried again… now it is stuck on processing!!!

all i can say is this your currency changer may be a bit wrong as Google says this 30 US Dollar equals
19.35 British Pound Sterling, could be just a mistype

What are you using to pay for the game? Visa debit? Credit card? What type of card is it?

ähm very simple and logical … there are only 2 options: bankstatement or creditcardstatement (bank normal after 2 days after request creditcardstatment paper at the end of the month or online after 5 days)

he means the confirmation for his ppacc … its to easy to call and ask them (chargedfree hotline ^^)

There’s absolutely no way the pound is 3:1 against the greenback. 10 quid will not be nearly enough in that account.

In fact, a quick Google tells me it’s 1.55:1 at the moment, so you’ll need 20 pounds in your account.

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i could sell you my second kickstarterkey ^^ but thats more worth then the 30 bucks :joy: just for info 30$ are at the moment 19.97 GBP via paypal