Problem with mason's chisel

i can’t get a mason because my mason’s chisel is glitched!

hey there @Joefy200, welcome to the discourse :smile:

would you be able to provide some more details? or even better yet, a save file?

Chisel? I thought the potter uses that for their class.

The mason uses a hammer/mallet thing made from the potter when you are playing raiya’s children.

Don’t remember whom makes it with ascendancy, probably the carpenter…

Anyway, like 8bitcrab mentions a bit more info would help, and possibly more clarification to know exactly what is going on or more of a hint.:slight_smile:

Or is it actually called a chisel?

its called the “mason’s chisel”, and the potter has the “potter’s cutter”… though in-game its the masons hammer &chisel, or something like that :slight_smile:


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If you craft a new mason’s chisel, can you promote a hearthling to mason?

Long time stalker(from the KS), first time poster. I too experienced this, and found crafting a new Chisel didn’t fix the issue. In my case, however, when i started the new game I had granted myself the Potter’s Cutter, and in my Choose a job" window, I don’t have credit for having a potter. So in essence, I will never be able to get a mason unless I can make a worker a Carpenter, which I can’t do unless i have a blacksmith, which I cannot do since I don’t have a Mason, which I can’t do since I don’t have credit for the Potter. The same issue is true though of the farmer.

As a note, I bought the Farmer’s Hoe, Herbalists Staff, and Potter’s Cutter at the start of the game (screens shots to help)

I don’t understand what you mean?
In the second screen-shot, you have a potter, so are you saying that you can’t promote him to a mason? Perhaps the potter is too low on levels? (I don’t play in Rayya’s so i’m not so sure on how high the levels need to be)

Ah, that is the key. Apparently I was not making the right selection for the Hearthling…thought I had the potter selected, but apparently did not.

All is well then :slight_smile: