Priority List for Development

I was just wondering if there is an official priority list for the game’s development, besides the dev roadmap. The roadmap has everything all split up and listed as in progress or just for later. I was wondering if they have a list with all the items from the road map in order of what they want to get done first and what later?

They might have a list themselves, but they aren’t going to spoil some things to us. If you’ve watched the livestreams, there are a lot in which the to-do list is mentioned. Tom usually says what is every person of the team doing at that moment and what is the estimated order of the next things they are going to develop / want to prioritize.

The thing is, that every time they release some feature (and before releasing it too) they have to smash the bugs that appear, and that takes time. So, since they are working on several things at the same time, it’s not clear which detailed part of each list are they going to do next, because maybe they have to revisit some old system that was already finished to refine it.

General features that they are currently working on, and features to expect within some months are always known.


Closest thing we have is the roadmap, which is on the site.

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The roadmap is in roughly priority order, though if we get stuck on some things, we may skip them and move down till we can figure out how to fix them. :wink: So for example, nobody will start direct work on Titans until we’ve fleshed out goblins. Of course, everyone thinks about their favorite parts all the time, even though we don’t get to work on them yet.


i’m sensing a need for some new CSI antics… :smile: