Preventing Food from Rotting

So I just watched the latest stream and heard how its planned that food will eventually rot. I’m sure the time will be fair, in a sense, so that you don’t end up with food rotting too fast and you can never get enough to meet daily update requirements or feed a large population of hearthlings. However, I would always like an option to extend the time it takes to rot. So perhaps something like salt or an ice box can be added to the game at one point which helps to preserve food.

For the ice box specifically, I would imagine it would be a container crafted by the blacksmith which could store, idk, 10 food and double the time it takes for them to rot. For salt, the cook could use two pieces of salt and a piece of food to give it an extra day before rotting.

This way once you get to a large enough population, you can still have a good sized storage of food, and it won’t rot too quickly.


well, the cook class is going to be made specifically so that food doesnt spoil as fast, how thats going to be done im unsure.

i also think it would be cool if having your food in storage (barrels, crates, etc), rather then just in a normal stockpile, could help in keeping it longer.

Yes but if that were the case, and if all storage items gave the same buff for preservation of food, then most likely people would make the easiest storage container.

well thats the thing, make the harder or more “expensive” containers have a better buff, and also, there would be different sizes, which could have different effects.

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I hope it means they’ll add wheat and rice as farmable crops. Both of those items are staple foods around the world because they have a super long shelf life so long as they are kept dry and free of insects. In fact, cooking them makes them more spoilable, not less (arguably far more edible though!).

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well i do know they are going to add barley, because they plan on having brewer and brew-master classes, which will be an upgrade from the farmer class :smile:

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The cook’s recipes might give temporary buffs to the earthlings (speed, strength…)

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If seasons are implemented in the future, we might be unable to grow crops in winter, so granaries, salted and canned food crates might become an important thing to protect from raiding parties.