Preserving Food

I brought this up in the stream today, and was told to post in the discourse just in case it was not hear already.

The questions I asked was: “Will there be a way to preserve food in future releases, ie smoking; and jarring (canning)?”

Being able to smoke meats or jarring raw vegetables would be nice to allow your harvested crops to last longer while they wait to be cooked. Or you could even store cooked goods in them to preserve them for even longer in case droughts or some other disaster happens in the future that limits your food making abilities.


While talking about preserving food (via cooking methods), I think storage methods would be another neat addition. Many people have asked about the function of buildings: wouldn’t it be neat is you could build a semi-underground building that worked like a ice-storehouse?


I always find myself building mills, granaries, and storehouses and getting mildly disappointed when food rots in them just as fast.

Side note: Does anyone know if food can rot in crates? If it can’t ever, that needs to be nerfed. If it can, I’d like it to rot a bit slower than an outdoor stockpile.

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