Food storage thoughts

How about a cool water storage method? Or benefits to storing food underground, in containers, without anything else near it?

Spoilage isn’t an issue in any of the towns I’ve built, but having a way to minimize it might add anew interesting mechanic to food management. For instance, being able to build a “food storage shed” on a dock on the water where the food is submerged in watertight containers to prolong freshness could be interesting.

Or if players simply placed food stores under ground where it would be cooler and kept from the elements, make the rate at which food goes bad slower.


For the sake of it I try to use buildings for my stockpiles and food kept seperately

Maybe something the engineer can craft is like a fridge crate or something? I don’t like seeing spoiled food ever.

Food spoils, everything that exist decays things die and new things take their place it’s the natural cycle of life