Prehistoric Creature Models

Prehistoric Creatures

[size=+2]The download for all of them[/size]
prehistoric.qmo(17.6 KB)

Before Dinosaurs

  • Cephalaspis
  • Anomalocaris briggs
  • Stethacanthus

Downloadbefore dino.qmo(3.3 KB)

Age of Dinosaurs

  • Liopleurodon

Downloaddino.qmo(2.5 KB)

Ice Age Animals

  • sabertooth tiger
  • armadilo
  • Terror bird

Download iceage.qmo(12.5 KB)


I have created some new ones and edited an old one


These are really quite good! Are you planning on making this a mod, or are you just modelling for fun? :smile:

nice work @LunarWolf:smiley:

i dont think @voxel_pirate’s unofficial list has any prehistoric fish, just yet… :smile:

awesome keep bringing on the models can’t wait to see more. Prehistoric animals are awesome

@Smokestacks not making it a mod just modelling for fun and thanks

@Amlin thanks and I will keep bringing them on

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I like em! Very unexpected heh. Is it the prehistoric aquatic life that you prefer, or prehistoric animals in general?

I was actually looking thru a list of prehistoric mammals a few weeks ago at work… (it was slow :smile:)

@Roughshod I like prehistoric animals in general but these guys are from my favorite time periods and the two on top where from times that life did not exist on land. The shark is from a time when land animals where pretty much amphibians and those looked similar to modern day amphibians just bigger so I figured I wouldn’t make them.

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  • Reorganized the post
  • New sabertooth tiger model
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I changed the armadillo

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Doing some classic dinosaurs here now so far a t-rex and I having writers block with the legs so he’s not in download right now


I like how it looks with the low voxel count. Maybe also add some teeth to make him look dangerous.

Looks spot on for t-rex, I wish I could keep mine this low-voxel. It really does suit the Stonehearth style.

Writers block (a cubist pun?) is always the worst. Keep at it, I look forward to seeing the results! :thumbsup:

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Would he not do the jaw as a separate matrix, like @Tom showed in the stream, so he can animate it to bite etc.?

Looks great! Very 8bit feel :smile:

Thanks @Miturion and I will add teeth later now that you mentioned it and most likely in the way @Smokestacks mentioned and Thanks Smokestacks

lol @Roughshod didn’t even notice that and thanks

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Legs did you say?

legs.qmo(2.2 KB)

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What do you use to make these?
Also those are good!

@PopoBane Take a look into this thread:

Thank You!
And I would buy it buuuutttt… i have no money! I buy a lot of books because I love to read so I’m broke :’(

thanks @Newf but I think I will try to come up with my own but I never did think of doing it with the separate joints like the arms on a villager.

It’s free though! There is a paid version, but you only need that to export models, you can model perfectly fine on the free version, as the majority of people on the forums do :smile: