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why do they trap in a house whenever I build a new house

This would fit into the category: support, bugs.


Could you fill in this for all you bug reports:?
A short title that briefly summarizes the bug for a quick read to get the idea. Prefix with Bug: so it’s easy to search for all bugs at once. (ex. Bug: Every Morning, People Heads Are Replaced With Rabbit Heads)

Describe the problem in detail. Exactly how did you get it to happen? Does it happen all the time, or only rarely? Add anything you think might be important to the bug report.

Steps to reproduce:
Distill what you did into as many steps as necessary. The more steps describing the bug the better. This is the most important part of the reporting process, as bugs that can’t be reliable reproduced are exceptionally more difficult to resolve. It may seem silly, but don’t assume we know exactly how you did what you did. :slight_smile:

Expected Results:
What you thought would happen or what you might have expected to happen is not what was actually intended to happen (and then it’s a slightly different bug, of expectation.)

Actual Results:
If significantly different from the summary, what actually did happen.

Anything that didn’t fit above


is this the workers trapped by scaffolding bug?

@NickMinLe … can you let us know which version of the game you are running? thanks!

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