Potion access pannel

small quality of life suggestion.
Have you ever sent your troops out to kill some pleebian mobs, only to have to keep scrolling all the way across the map to your potions?

Have a potion icon in the bottom of the screen somewhere that when clicked expands to show all the types potions placed in the world.
When clicked it would use a potion.

What it solves:
Having to click potions that are far away from the battle.
Finding potions that you have forgotten were placed.

Potential cons:
Some potions may be for decoration that you don’t want to use (I would suggest designating an area for used potions or perhaps a potion stand crafted by the herbalist that stores only potions and designates the potions that can be used)


I dont understand why this are not in the game… Maybe only potions in storage could count, since decorative ones are placed and therefor no longer in storage?


I agree with storage only potions.


here is a thing that i think may be helpfull with your problem if you press the house icon then got to place down items near the bottom you will find potions from there you can use potions without haveing to go away from the battle


Yes! This needs to happen!

This is a very good idea :slight_smile:

Or, if there is to be a mayor/leader roll in the future that adds more streamlined functions then this GUI element could become available when you get a leader. So you can still activate them by finding them manually, it’s just a little bit more effort!