Possibly avoidable glitches

just want a discussion of avoidable bugs in alpha 10!

If you want that we need to summon:
@RepeatPan(an expert of computers!)
@8BitCrab(just to make the chat more interesting)
@SirAstrix(The one who discovered many bugs)

I don’t know who else to summon…

I don’t think I’m much of help here. I don’t really “play” the game, I usually load up the map, test what I need to test, and shut it down again. Most sessions are less than two minutes. I do start it a few dozen times a day, though…

Well, the only thing I can really contribute right now is that under certain circumstances, stockpiles “lose” space whenever something is added to them that they can’t stock (anymore). In that case, simply resetting the filters quickly should fix that… But that’s such a rare condition that I don’t think it happens often.


as i dont believe you have been yet, Welcome to the discourse @atlasmas :smile:

… ill do my best…

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Sadly, I just got a new job that has me away from home till the weekends. So I don’t know how much help ill be right now.

Also, bugs can’t really be “avoided”.

well some bugs have rather “obvious” steps to repro them, if you know what those steps are you could avoid doing them, thus avoiding the bug :smile:

It is probably handy to place buildings in the open, placing them near mountains/trees/cliffs can give some scaffolding placement errors

In the bug reports in the Active Bugs section, there should be steps on how to repeat those bugs. Don’t do those steps. Easy.

Only if it’s right up against them. This is because of the side scaffolding tries to be built on. IN some cases, you can build right up against them, and in others, you can’t.

well thats basically what i was saying… except it would be nice and kinda make sense if we had all those repro steps compiled into one thread…

You have fun with that. Might be nice to have, would be confusing as heck as to which still exist and which are still there, ect.

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this happens to me pretty often, the items in the stockpile slots stack and clip through each other, if the same item, the ‘ghost’ lays over the original item in the slot causing the ‘merged’ item to glow as if it were just a selected item (although it isnt actually selected). Different items in that slot clip each other and one or both may or may not be lit up.

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Now that I’ve been playing with the awesome Zulser mod (conveyor belts), I can say that the “lighting” effect happens when you have multiple of the same item in the same location. If you get enough of the same item in the same location, it appears completely white.