Please help idk what is this

Hello, idk what is going on, but i think your game not for my video card

The game crashes, but remains in the process

This picture is my video card

a gtx 1070 should play the game just fine
update the drivers first
what cpu do you have and hiw much ram

i5 - 9400f
idk why, but i can’t place a video with this problew

your computer should run the game just fine
uninstall the game, manually remove the leftover files, reinstall the game, restart your computer

click on mods and make sure all mods from the middle column are dectivated
in the graphics option set the game to high

So it’s because of mods? Just a game without mods I have already completed

many mods for the game are outdated and cause problems when used with other current mods
the ace mod changes and adds many things that alter and/or improve the game but that causes issues with mods that are made for the unmodded game

Here is mods

Last mode is Russian Language

2 mods are outdated or discontinued, turn them off
is the other mod in cyrrilic letters a template mod

Idk it’s just translater.
What the 2 mods?

You have Glassworks mod, but I think it also requires Dani’s Core Mod to work properly too. Find it going through this message thread: Dani’s Modding Corner

it is in the name of the mods


There are 2 mods with discontinued or outdated in their titles. These ones: “Faster Leveling 2x - Outdated”, and " Discontinued Yang & Co’s Armoury." It was suggested that you could disable those ones as well.

i have delete this mods, but the problem has not disappeared

Did you also get Dani’s Core Mod? If you use Glassworks mod you need that. Otherwise disable Glassworks for now and try again.

No, don’t work. (Maybe i do something wrong)