Please can someone make TGS Settlers?

I have been following StoneHearth since Sjin did his lets play of it, and i have
just started learning qubical so my creations are still god awful, so I was
hoping that someone could make a mod where the settlers are the
people from TGS. I can imagine my blacksmith Cox and king TB etc.

sorry for being a noob here but TGS?

TGS stands for “The game station”

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hi @HalfHusky … welcome aboard! :smiley:

qubicle is a wonderful tool, but with any new piece of software, can seem a bit daunting at first… why not take a look at the video tutorial on minddesk, or read up on a local tutorial here… have fun! :smile:

Hi @SteveAdamo thanks for the advice, those tutorials are really useful!

I don’t think they need our help. They have enough people, time and money to pull it off on their own.