Placing Workstation On 1st Floor of 2 Story Building Broke The Game

That should be the recording where things broke. Relevant problem occurs at about the 18:40 mark.

Here’s the breakdown:

I’m working on a new building when I decide to go ahead and place workstations in it, particularly on the first floor (of a 2 story building, so- ground level) and as I’m trying to place one, the game errors with a ‘place_item_call_handler.lua’ error.

Once the error showed up the Workers would not do anything until I unchecked ‘Build’ on the jobs tab for them; then suddenly they became interested in mining again (though it’s worth noting they were ignoring prior mining orders, though I suspect that’s because I gave them stupid orders and so they chose to ignore them- Avengers reference!).

The saved game files can be found here:

The only mod I’m running (Endpieces) can be found here:

This is on A17 v 610. I haven’t done anything since recording this (I immediately came here after I finished the recording) so I’ve no idea if this will be fixed with a reboot or some other method.

you placed the weaver workstation inside of the wall when the error occurred; try changing the view so that the walls are up as it might still be there and then you can delete it

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Error appears to have disappeared once I rebooted. Haven’t checked to see if they’ll build, but I can place things again, including in that building.

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Yup, you have placed the workshop in the wall. I wonder how can we prevent this when designing with that view… :confused:

I’m not sure what kind of limitations you guys are under in regards to the engine and code, but the underlying reason I was using that view was an attempt to see beneath the upper floors so that I could place things after the building was finished. I ran into the same difficulty on another (unrecorded) session where I was playing around with Rayya’s Children buildings: I only realized after construction was nearly over that I hadn’t placed stairs although I’d put a hole for them.

Maybe increase the granularity on the Slice tool, so that you can hide the front of buildings and then Slice so that you lose upper floors without losing the whole building. Not sure.

This seems to be also related to the issues I’ve seen reported (and experienced) with trying to place an item where it doesn’t fit, and having the item end up inside the walls or ceiling because you had the Slice tool active at the same time (and so the game sees that solid rock as the closest available space).

But as I said, I do not know the limitations you guys are under, so all of this may be unfeasible. I defer to your broader awareness.

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