Placing windows pushes them out

So when building with the slaptool, and placing windows manually with the placementtool and then saving the building. Then when you afterwards wants to plave that building in another place, the windows tend to “pop out” of their holes in the walls. See attached screenshot for example.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Design a building (wall) with slaptool and mannually place a window.
  2. Save the design and relocate it to a new spot.
  3. Admire the annoying bug with the windows floating next to their hole in the wall :jubilant:

Expected Results:
That the windows stayed where they were placed in the original design.

Actual Results:
The windows dont stay in the holes most of the times.

Sometimes i have observed no problems, and thought about hitboxes could be an issue, but i dont have enough knowledge on the subject to determine that.


Version Number and Mods in use:
Terrain colors.
Minecarts and rails.
Patrol mod.
Canyon biome.
Tree stump.


I also have this problem…

This seems to be related to the rotation. There are 2 angles at which they won’t pop out of the wall.