Cant place windows manually after dev-3380?

So when building mainly with the slaptool, it has been possible to place windows, doors and fences with the placetool in the builder. After this latest build i can no longer place windows? doors and fences are good, its just the windows…
Is it just me that are missing something all of a sudden or was it on purpose?


There hasn’t been any change related to building, but there was a fix for hangable items, it might be a fallout from that. :sweat:

Thanks for reporting!


Wait a second…are those hobbit homes?!

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Well i guess they would be classified as hearthling homes? :jubilant: But yes the style is inspired from hobbit homes or earthships.

I upload my builds to here:
Where you can find many other playerbuilds aswell.


That is so awesome I was just looking at green magic homes the other day lol. Great job on the buildings, love the style!! Thanks for the link, all kinds of goodies there. :merry:

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As of the release this evening this is #resolved.