Placement Building Template

I created a template (8 chambres) the original placement is the red rectangle.
Why when i reload my saved game, i cant place on the same place the template ?
here a screen :

and here the file8 (8.5 KB)

Can you get the template and try to build.; i never succes to finish. and this i have used to have the floating guy… You have the error i think , i uses a standrd house and added 7 free wall inside and after that i go build…
LOL, il you rotate the template (180°) you cant use the place show in the picture…

Same template :
Why the item move just after the placement ?
here sreenshoot.

Another thing : i created 3 x the same building template… finaly, i have only one finished… (i have wood)

This reminds me a bit of the exploding templates bug. Will try to check when I have time.

Which version of A13 is this?

The version of last week.
The bug of windows is resolved in the last version but not the placement.

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