PixelHearth - Terrain Editing Gone Wild

Hi Everyone,

Following the dicussion here

I am thinking of starting a project called “PixelHearth”, let me start this off by showing a very basic example of the type of things PixelHearth would be able to accomplish.

As you can see per-voxel editing, along with a section of different blocks to work with.

I can imagine all the pixel-art now :wink:

Overall this is just a concept now, I am not entirely sure it will be doable on a large scale. But it has caught my interest, and I am thinking of starting up the project.

I’ll get more in to detail about features like adding in your own blocks, how to accomplish building, ect, in the future. Right now I’m just trying to gauge the community to see if it’s a worth wild investment of time. :wink:

Though I may just do it for fun anyway :slight_smile:


sounds cool to me :smile:

So far, what I see is:

Easier to place slabs with more colors.

Just that is great already.

My name is Steve and I fully support this mod!

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