Pine - Now On Kickstarter

Game looks great fun and seems to play a bit like Zelda but for PC followed by consoles (PS4, Xbone & Switch)

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Also for macOS and Linux. Consoles are on the wish list.

@oldmacman mentioned them in the video… forgot to write them down! my bad :smiley: have you backed? was great fun to play the pre-alpha build

I really hope this is the general art direction ‘cutesy’ developers want to go in. This game tho… I don’t see it happening.

they have a lot of other content already (snow biome, bows & arrows, new monsters) available and even without the AI learning aspect I can see it being great fun. just throw in a few dungeons with puzzles and a solid game is there.

its just a copy/paste game in my opinion. looks good, but nothing new under the makeup :slight_smile:

I was in at the cheap level. Thought €1,300 was a little much for alpha though :slight_smile: