Pictures my daughter drew

My 13 year old daughter is a fan of Stonehearth. She’s played quite a bit. This morning I found some drawings she did on the Galaxy Note Pro I bought for doing artwork. I thought I’d share them with everyone here.

This is the tablet she used to draw them with.


wow, very nice work! :+1:

she’s clearly on the right path, demonstrating the usage of shading, light sources, etc.


Wow! Those are awesome! Please tell her on behalf of Team Radiant that we’re psyched she enjoys playing and to keep the artwork coming!


Are you sure she is thirteen? Those look like someone older drew them.


I’ll let her know. Although she might be mad at me for sharing them. I hope not.

Newf: She is thirteen, she will be turning fourteen in two months though :smile:


I wish I could draw half that well! Those are fantastic :smiley:


I meant it as a complement…

Wow! These are pretty good. They remind me a lot of @Goldmetal’s sketches. :smile:


Pretty good artwork. Who is Bryan?

Nice artworks. It’s pretty nice to see some fan made stuff from time to time.

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The second picture has the name Bryan in the bottom right corner. Who is Bryan?

Sorry, it’s just hard to trust people on the internet, and it’s unlikely your daughter would sign someone else’s name on her artwork.

Pretty sure that doesn’t say Bryan….

If I were to guess, i’d say Brylen? Not that I need to know Zons daughter’s name.

It’s a lovely piece, looking forward to seeing more.

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I was trying to make out the signature myself. There is an A and a B together then ‘izon’.

Abizon? is that a name in the country you come from?, WAIT A SEC!!!

Abi? Zon?

If your daughter’s name is Abi/Abby then she must have added Zon (Your username, perhaps second name irl?) to show that she is your daughter/from your family. Kind of like a username version of a second name. Just a theory…A GAME THEORY!!! (Or would it be a Username Theory?)

His last name, (and his daughter’s I suppose) is Bizon. That explains his username, @2_Zons. Assuming her first initial is an A, this makes a lot of sense. It would be A Bizon. I still think it looks like it says Bryan though.

Sorry to ruin your excitement, @Newf.

Not really.

Awww, Well I was sort of close. Close enough at least.

Here’s the latest from my Daughter. Not really a Stonehearth picture, but I thought it was really good and would share it here. It’s Minecraft inspired, I think that’s Steve in the picture. I told her to make her autograph more clear this time so people don’t think it says Brian.


Lovely work :smiley: . And definitely has a nice voxel-y floating islands feel :slight_smile: .

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Definitely love the dinosaur.

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absolutely lovely work! and it’s all very flattering that she would include me in her work, but I’ll be expecting a royalty check in short order… :wink: