Personal Hero Unit

I’m sure this has been brought up before now, but I was just thinking about this today.

With all the different units in the city are they all gonna be equal stat wise?

What I was wondering is, if there was going to be an option to make your own character. The one character that looks most customized to be your specific hero unit for your city. This unit would represent you in the city.

His stats could be trained and he could become more powerful than your average unit. In reality there is always a scale of best to worst, so if a city just has a bunch of units that are all equal then that would be strange.

all units should be able to grow stronger if they win in battle, but there should be one hero unit. The top tier, best unit in your city, who best represents the people he/she lives with. If the hero unit dies in battle there should be a second in command that takes their place and so on and so on.

Can this hero unit max out it’s stats, or would it continue to grow stronger if it keeps winning its battles until it dies naturally of old age?

This would also allow for one on one duels between cities which would make for a cool mini game competition.

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