Performance issues 20 villagers


i play stonehearth on my gaming laptop but when my city reaches 20 villagers the game just laggs out.
my laptop is pretty good i can play gta 5 pc on ultra easy.
so i dont really know what causes these issues.
Geforce GTX880M 8gb
Intel i7-4800mq CPU 2.70ghz
12gb ram
windows 10 pro

any help is appriciated.

Go into settings and set number of lights to equal zero and turn shadows off.

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Also make sure your video drivers are update, in case you have not done that yet.
I had the same issue with my laptop which has the GTX660M 2GB it can now handles up to 30 now before starting to lag after driver updates.

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alternatively, set priority / affinity of your cpu automatically and maximize utilization

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