People, Items, Names

I was just wondering if all items and such will be named like this:

Iron Leather Armor // Iron leather armor
Juagly the Great // Juagly the great

I saw a picture with the disliked option so I just wanted to hear.

For me it is a big deal visually that it has capital letters. Of course normal text should be written normally, but NPC names and armor should be written like I did. This is of course my opinion.

Best regards,

Anders ‘Stavie’ Muckadell


so basically the difference between common/rare items, etc., correct?

@sdee and @Tom have a good eye for such things, but as you mentioned, this would be easily moddable… in fact, textual updates will probably be among the first things we see…

I don’t mean it should be between common and rares. All items, all armor, all weapons, all NPCs should be with capitals. I may shoot wrongly, but I think that is correct. You can see it in other games aswell such as World of Warcraft.

All items should be named like this:

The Great Axe of Juengr
Jade Spade of Eve
Proster Sword
Helmet of Saradomin

It should not be named like this:

The great axe of juengr
Jade spade of eve
Proster sword
Helmet of saradomin

I don’t know if it is like this at the moment but I saw a picture where it was not.

right… well, I too would expect the Helmet of Saradomin (unique), but not a Common Leather Helmet…

I wouldn’t be upset by the latter, but I wouldn’t be upset to see it displayed as Common leather helmet, either…

Yeah it is a personal preference. I see it as more professional when it is capitalized and I see most top-games doing it.

It enhances my gaming experience if something like that is done as I like it. I really like small details like that.

I am sure it will be good without tho! :slight_smile: Just wanted to hear if you though about it.

I would agree with what you’re saying - furthermore the difference in spelling between the UK and US is one of those slight annoyances - Colour / Color. Armour/ Armor. That sort of thing.

For the most part I would imagine altering these names would be one of the easiest possible things to do (that’s gonna haunt me when we get our hands on and it’s actually really difficult) so hopefully if things aren’t quite to your personal taste such changes can be made :slight_smile:

I would imagine each word is capitalised - I mean, it makes sense right?

If it’s good enough for Skyrim, it’s good enough for us :stuck_out_tongue:

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Perhaps they could do what most games do, and use a color system to indicate the rarity of a specific item. And also I agree, aside from playing Minecraft - I have a fatal case of OCD, and cannot stand things like “Elven longbow” when it should be “Elven Longbow”.

Which is exactly why I’m signed up for a British-English translation for the game in the translations thread :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll be sure to send the files you way too :wink:

As for capitalisation, I would be very upset if things weren’t, but also very surprised; it is the sign to me of a poor game when they don’t have basic grammar and capitalisation sorted throughout. I would be interested to see the picture of it uncapitalised if you could find it?

It’s probably not the case, but if you’re worried based on the save files, don’t be. They deliberately use camelFont (please correct me if I’m wrong) for all files, but that’s just a fun fact and I’m pretty sure that’s not what you’re referring to :stuck_out_tongue:

close, my friend… it’s actually camelCase… :camel:

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Argh, I knew camelFont was wrong, camelCase! I’m sure if I’d have thought of the word ‘case’ I’d have got there, my geodude gratitude.

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Did someone say thunderfury blessed blade of the windseeker?

Would your avatar happen to be of Justice? +1 internet point if it is…

So I found a few pictures that made me rest. It seems like it is done as I like it, I just saw a outdated or random picture where it was not. The way you capitalize it here is correct.

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ahh well then, all is right with the world once more… :smile:

if you want to go waaay back in time, here’s one of the first released UI images… even then, it seems Capitalization was in vogue:


Oh man love it :smile:

I rest in peace now.

@SteveAdamo You just had to post some screenshots, now I can’t be patient enough to wait to play it - I wanna build the “Kingdom of Avalon” now, I already sketched out on paper where everything is gonna be and how I’m gonna do anything. Radiant, why do you torture me!? :cry:

@Stavie, thanks! With that picture you’ve put all my OCD-related worries to rest!