Name your weapon

You should be able to name weapons and armor… Like i want to name my practice sword:

Ultimate practicesword of powerful powerfulness of sushi man power!

Name your weapons, thats it… WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY!!!


well… we’ll be able to name our settlement and our units (I believe)… if its not “baked in”, i’m sure we can mod in a way to name the weapons and armor we can equip as well… :+1:

Well, you will be able to change the names, looks and attribute of all in-game items rather easy. By adjusting the related .json-files you could change values for a group of weapons (all entities of one specific weapon). If you want to have an additional, unique weapon, you could just add it as a new craft-able item.

That would be the easy way to do it. However, if you want to apply a name to an existing weapon, e.g. as a reward because it was used to slay this evil titan, I would prefer another approach where the game grants titles by itself, based on actions / events like slaying a titan or killing x Goblins.


Oh, yes, I can’t wait to get an Green Unusual Killstreak Pants of the Lazy Whale.


We’ve had some discussion before about customisability, not sure whether or not we’ll be able to customise weapons/ armour, part of me hopes you can, part of me hopes you can’t and that we get randomly generated awesome names depending on the quality of the equipment :smiley:


This gave me a question about… types of weapons xD

Swords (1-handed ones only)

What other types of weapons will be included in battle system?

[quote=“RepeatPan, post:4, topic:6299”]Oh, yes, I can’t wait to get an Green Unusual Killstreak Pants of the Lazy Whale.
I think it works rather well in Dwarf Fortress from what I’ve seen, but you more or less have to have a game where you’re happy with daft names for it to work. If Stonehearth is going for a more “serious” RPG model, then that’s somewhat harder. In that case, I think giving it a simple stock name (“Epic Pauldrons of Swordfighting” or whatever) that you can then rename yourself if you wish would work best.

my personal favorite… crossbows… :smile:

some food for thought/discussions:

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