Pawel's Mod Corner: Autoharvest, Biome Crops, LostEms & others


Seems to work fine after i made a new game instead of loading a game before i added the new mod. will update if anything strange happens :slight_smile:


As I wrote in the first post: bugs are expected if you don’t create a new game after updating/installing my (in fact: any) mods.


Good luck with your molecular biology. (I assume by “disappear from my schedule” there is a final / test!)


Thank you so much, the test is on Wednesday.


Good luck Pawel! Teach those mitochondria who’s boss!


i get hearthlings stuck in the tall latticed windows quiet often


Does this happen in A22.5 or A23 Unstable?


for both it happens.
They get stuck and in an endless loop of running but not moving


Does not seem to happen always tho. Not sure what’s causing it. I tried it with two tiny very simple houses and worked fine on those but bigger buildings seems to have more issues for me when the walls are made of slab and windows put with placement. Could be the same with normal walls but not tested that with a big build yet

seems to happen when they move through it while building a house not directly after placing the window. i’m guessing they think they can go through it but they get stuck instead


OK, so I’m bringing you good news and bad news.

Good news is I’ll have some time to investigate the Bugged Lattice of Death (BLoD) issue tomorrow.

Bad news is I’ve watched the Malley’s devstream about new asset ideas again and my conclusion is it pretty much kills the idea of Finetems mod. In future releases Finetems will be shrunk significantly, adding only these assets which should appear in vanilla but they somehow don’t, like tall clay windows in all colours and tall diamond wooden windows, which will hopefully appear in vanilla at some point. Instead of expanding vanilla item sets I decided to create new ones from scratch to keep the whole set internally consistent despite upcoming changes to the sets made by the devs. The new sets would be released as separate mods.


Yeah I’ve been thinking about it in my own mods for a few days now. I still like the idea of a random item of better quality.


I have this issue with the plant lore mod where the plant says it has grown as in shows the visual and has the option but upon my herbalist trying to harvest it I get a console error and the herbalist stops. Changing his task or removing the harvest command lets him move on. After it happens on a plant the visual still shows ready but it no longer is harvestable. I have the api mod installed along with plant lore. It seems to be an issue with items always starting out as being ready for harvest despite not being ready. I can avoid the issue to a degree by just waiting a while before harvesting for them to be actually ready but some still have the issue.


I’m loving the mod and the auto harvest option is awesome. As a tack on to my above so far just using the auto harvest option seems to keep things working fine. The bugged ones do not have the option but picking up and replacing them adds the option back. Not really a big issue since as I said the auto-harvest is fantastic and I don’t need to manually harvest anymore, but still a bug nonetheless that I guess could use patching?


I am completely unable to reproduce this bug (nor the Bugged Lattice of Death, @Banto). If you want me to examine the matter you should send me your logs.


i let you know if it ever happens again :slight_smile: not using it now with alpha 23


When i activate Plantlore my heartlings dont collect flowers


In Plant Lore only the Herbalist can collect herbs. Your Hearthlings should be perfectly capable of collecting fiber plants and fruit, though.


ah ok i dont have any hearbalist at the moment ^.-


Some decisions regarding A23 mod development:

  • Finetems is gonna die. Sorry to write that but the appeal-related crafting modifications kill its purpose (and is a better alternative to the current one IMHO as long as the new items look nice, they are not necessarily up to my taste at the moment).
  • Vanilla-style ‘missing’ stuff and some fixes will be moved to a new mod with a new name (Itemiss? Misstems? help me, please…).
  • I consider killing Pawel API as well to make things simpler to install and truly modular (and a bit harder for me to code, though, but I think I can manage).
  • Autoharvest Mod will be separated from Plant Lore because I suspect there are quite many people who don’t want Plant Lore along the feature (and, for Rayya’s sake, forcing people to use new stuff in order to get a new feature is a form of ill-minded marketing, Electronic Arts style).
  • Plant Lore will have some previously planned stuff added.
  • Brace yourselves, Archmod is coming.
  • And maybe even winter, if I find enough time to learn how to add UI elements (I need a termometer next to the clock).



Play on “lost items” in your style, and has the side of “Lost 'em”