Pathfing Issue 2193 x64


like the The Three Musketeers (all for one and one for all) the most of my villagers shares the same pathfinding - all runs for the same log and then all runs to the same place on the fire xD after this building works fine again? after building i will try it again with some logs ^^

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@Wiese2007, do you mean that three of your settlers went to pick the log for the firepit and the three lighted the fire?

Or just that they were clipping in the same place near the firepit?

5 of them runs to the same log - 1 get it and bring him to the storage - the other 4 see upps its gone when they at the place where the log was and runs to the firepit and sit down on the same place - after this all 4 runs for a new log - 1 get it 3 upps its gone and run back to the firepit meanwhile the first one of the five return to see upps the log is gone ^^ was funny to look xD

now the five share all the same bed xDDDD