[Con] Villagers all sharing same bed

Have to tried lifting the bed in question and replacing it?

Yay for cuddles…


Best reply for this bug :stuck_out_tongue:


yes, they move on to the next bed


All of them move to the next bed? or do they separate out?

same issue posted plus sharing same pathfinding :wink: all for one and one for all xD

Pathfing Issue 2193 x64

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I have witnessed the same problem. I don’t remember, for sure, if it was every single villager in the same bed, but I had at least 5 in the same bed. That’s an area of the internet I prefer not to visit…

im going to try and remove all beds, and replace them see what happens

I’ve rearranged beds and they still do it, in this one I’ve 9 hearthings, only 2 are sleeping alone, all the rest are in the bed closest to the fire pit outside.


Also getting a lot of these errors, game still runs though.


if you have an error again click on them to get more informations - and then make the screenshot helps alot to find the file with the error ^^

Confirm, and want to add that it happens the same with all furniture, not just beds. Nearest chair to eat at and such.

Confirmed in 2193
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Yup…saves on bed costs though!

I have the same bug.

within the first five minutes of a new game i get this, 5 of the 6 villagers i have are sharing the bed, so i save and load the game and i get these error messages.

Glad I’m not the only one haha, Was wondering the night before, Where all my villagers went, Then saw 6 out of seven all in 1 bed, I call it a crowd but guess they don’t! Anyway I managed to record it, Guess I’ll share it :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you should stop spying on them!

This does happen though.

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My guys won’t even use their beds, but seem to prefer to sleep on the ground [r2193].

Something wrong with this picture, heh.


I am having the same issue. when moving the bed, they all just go to the same next bed over. This is also occurring with chairs. During meal times they all sit in the same chair. Luckily no one has gotten stuck in place yet.

I’ve noticed that when they all sit in a single cathedral arched chair the have great comments about the food. However when sharing a comfy bed they all complain about sleeping on the ground When they awaken.