Pathfinding error when building bridges


When ordered to build a bridge to reach a previously inaccessible region, Hearthlings can decide to begin constructing it from the “inaccessible” side, essentially preventing building to begin.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Generate a map with an island
  2. Spawn on the “big land”
  3. Create a plan for a bridge to reach the island.
    Note: my bridge “touches” only shores, no supports from the river bottom
  4. (dunno if relevant) Add a ladder from your shore to the bottom of the lake to help Hearthlings create scaffolding
  5. In my case Hearthlings didn’t start building until I added a second ladder leading from the river bottom to the island. Hearthlings then proceeded to construct the bridge, starting from the island to the “big land”.

Expected Results:
If a linear structure (read: bridge) can be built starting from two sides, but only one of these sides is accessible for pathfinder at the moment, hearthlings should start from that currently accessible part.

Actual Results:
The point to start building a structure is selected at random (?)

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 24.4, Win7 x64

Is this with the new builder, or with the old one?

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As far as I know, there is no new builder in A24.4. It is still in “friends and family” testing phase, isn’t it?

It is on an experimental branch on Steam. Anyone can go to that branch to try to break it.
And that branch was made from the current code, so it’s technically A24 too :sweat_smile:

@Relyss Is it different from the “latest build” branch? Because it is the only beta branch on Steam that I know of.

And it has no sign of the new builder in it.

Enter the beta code bravelittletester and it unlocks.

Further info here: