Help with bridge building?

Any help with building a bridge

So my town is in a desolated island pretty far from the main land (approx. 20-40blocks away). And I would like to make a connection to the mainland in order to expand my town. And I need a way to access the mainland. I have mine which goes under the main land but I can’t dig up which is a problem. And when i started to build a bridge over the river the workers will build it for 5 blocks from the shore and then they stop.

I heard that workers can swim, so i made them a slope to get to the water level. Still they don’t use it. And my bridge is the most basic, just flat thingy out of wood (which i have plenty).

Any help ?

Here is the river from the side view


Bridges are one of my fav things :slight_smile:

What i suggest is put a ladder into the water so it touches the bottom.

Then they will be able to move around in the water alot easier.

Second figure out what kind of bridge you want… this is important… Plan out the bridge before building anything because it will be hard to sort it out if you make a mistake.

Take a look at my post about my castle for bridge ideas (shameless plug)

you will see in mine that i didn’t complete the bridge until i had planned the all the way across


Bridging water is easy, or well simple. That is unless you want to make it more fancy looking. Just ensure a ladder to each of the water levels are built, as right now hearthlings or rather the game does not have oxygen type of thing going on; which means water is not a hazard of death, just hazard of getting in the way.

As to the tunnel. That you are best to dig from both ends down to a level below the water and meet up. That might take a bit of eyeball calculation, unless you actually want to measure in some way to get things exact. The main thing at the moment is to have some kind of mainland access before making a tunnel; so you can choose a location to go down in order to connect the two tunnels. So a bridge might help in that little bit for the moment.