Ladders being built to build a bridge already built

Title: Bridge building bug

Summary: I built a simple bridge on a mountain to test connecting to another mountain. The workers built the bridge, and then after competing the build, started to build ladders to connect to the bridge.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a one block high bridge between two points where the workers are already at the correct height.
  2. They will build the bridge and return back to the start.
  3. The will then attempt to construct ladders to reach the bridge from the ground.

Expected Results: Workers build a bridge to the other side then move on to other things.

Actual Results: Workers build a bridge then attempt to build ladders up to the bridge.

Notes: I don’t know if this is working as intended, but I just thought that it was kind of strange that they’d finish the build and then make ladders to connect it to the ground

Attachments: a72ab1c8-7c5a-11e5-be0a-606c663d2fc4

Versions and Mods: Latest build on steam, release-489 (x64), no mods.

System Information: Lenovo P500 laptop

EDIT: I allowed the workers to finish building all the bridges (because they wouldn’t complete other tasks until those darn ladders were finished) and they then stood idle under the bridge. A save and restart of the game and the idle workers deconstructed their recently finished ladders.


Thanks for the detailed report @Frozenreel, and welcome to the Discourse!