Super long bridges


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get a long span over water that goes deep
  2. Build a stone bridge across it
  3. Wait

Expected Results:
The bridge should continue building
Actual Results:
They build some of it then stop when you allow them to access the other side they will start building from that side in the end the 2 sides don’t meet making a huge issue for my town and series.
Version Number and Mods in use:
A 17 [M]
System Information:
I dont quite know what this means

Can confirm - the issue for me seems to be they keep trying to build scaffolding down into the water, which they obviously can’t reach…

If the reason for they stopping is them unable to scaffold the deep section, put a ladder going into the deep water. Hearthlings will now have access to the bottom of the water where they will start the scaffold process. After you finish the build, remove that water ladder to avoid them wandering there or mobs spawns in the deep water.

Thank you so much i will try that out