Pathfind, Locks, and Class

Just had a thought/idea. What about being able to separate your growing city/population into districts of trade or wealth? Such as maybe Joe Carpenter isn’t really very good, so he is a lower class citizen, lives in the low class district, and doesn’t have a reason to go to the high-wealth district at all? So, even if the most direct path to a destination would be straight through wealth central or the palace or what have you, he would path through his own area of town to get there instead, while Jane Magma Smith, well-off, citizen-elite, lives right next to town hall! Hurray! She lives the high life of fancy balls, night clubs, and magma smithery, and stays mainly in the high wealth center of town, except when she really needs to head to poor magma wall area for repairs. Also, what about locked doors that only certain citizen can access? Like maybe only a town guard or soldier can access the town gates at night or something? Just some thoughts I had.


I think this is a great idea and I’d love to see this ingame. I mean the possibility to separate your classes based on city parts, yes please =)

Also think of the possibilitys of slum quarters where all thieves, assassins and so on would reside. Someplace where the guards qould patrol more rarely than in the upper quarters of the city. Where you’d have to hold on to your cash for dear life if you’re a wealthy merchant who goes through there because it’s closer to the city gates. I mean the posibilities are endless.

And the door locks, wealthy citizes would lock in their valuables while at work and theb there’s a risk of thieves getting in and stealing their things. And the city gate thing, awesome then the farmers or something that reside outside would like to have special permission to be allowed inside the city during the night and so on.

Oh god, Slum Quarters, yes please. Reading the AMA, it looks as if, for military classes at least, you will be able to set patrols and such. Unless they decided against that in the end. Which I doubt.