Pasting in Building Template Graphic Glitch

I had made a building in alpha 15 that I made into a template, and today, when I tried to put it into the game, instead of showing a semi-transparent view of the structure, it displayed all of the “decorations” such as furniture and windows in a weird order in no way resembling where those objects should be in relation to the build. There are no walls, and nothing is transparent, though when I exit build mode they vanish.

I am currently in the unstable branch - alpha 15 with super extra buggy combat.

This is the template before I place it.

Update: I could not delete the stuff that is supposed to be the template below, except through the destroy command, and when I tried to place the template in the image above, it resulted in nothing showing up in build or free-roam camera modes.

Here is the image of the objects that are supposed to be a building template.