...One template to break them all

One building to rule them all, one bug to break them,
One dev to fix them all and in solving this issue bind them.

…Sorry, got carried away a little.

Just launched my game to check A20 out.
Thought it’s finally the time to build my own templates for houses.

I think the game just tried to tell me that I’m not so good at it.

10 easy steps to reproduce this (maybe):

  1. Attempt to build a house
  2. Calculate space needed
  3. Place floor\walls\interior
  4. Place roof
  5. …Fail miserably
  6. Bug splat
  7. Try to save\quit\relog
  8. …Fail miserably
  9. Realise this bug occurs in every further new
    game you make, with this very specific teamplate
  10. Cry in the corner.

Expected Results:

Happines and own unique housing

Actual Results:

Read #10

I’m sorry for that name, it has 3 beds.


threesome cottage.zip (5.0 KB)

1484378361042.zip (3.9 MB)

A20 (x693), no mods were harmed during the gameplay

System Information:
i5 2300 (2.9ghz)
Gtx 760 (2gb)
4gb (1333ghz) RAM

Please, send help.

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