Building Template Clipping Bug

With all the work @not_owen_wilson is doing on building right now, I hesitated submitting this at all. However, given that this behavior is quite likely to be seen with new/novice players, I thought it best to bring it up for a potentially interim quick-fix until the new building system eventually negates the need for it.

Steps to reproduce:
Build two standard Tiny Cottage templates in any configuration where one wall overlaps, either partially or completely. Firstly, the game will let you place the templates this way, when it likely should not. In any case, if you attempt to start building both houses, one immediately after the other, while the game is not paused, I think the odds are worse that one of the two houses will stall. I did this twice in the same world, and the first time I started them both while the game was paused, and miraculously, both houses completed. But when I tried it again without pausing, one failed. That said, the configurations I chose each time are slightly different, so specific orientations might be worse than others.

Expected Results:
The game does not allow me to let walls overlap at all. Or if it does, it handles template merging intelligently.

Actual Results:
The game does allow wall overlaps, and strangely manages to build them both in at least one case. (See save for both examples)

Attachments: (9.0 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
A22R753 x64

The two failed conjoined templates, with the walls down.

The two successfully conjoined templates, though note the rogue piece of floating ladder even though the client says they’re both fully done:

The two cottages in the foreground share a wall, both built successfully. The two in the background failed. Same template, different orientations (and attempted while not paused when it failed):