Disappearing Walls when Finishing Editing a Building

Summary: Random bits of the Wall disappear when starting to build a building or loading it from blueprint.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a largeish building that involves the free standing walls.
  2. Start letting it be build or save it to a blueprint and place that.

Expected Results: The building is created as edited.

Actual Results: Immediately upon starting, walls disappear.

Notes: My guess is that it’s due to the free standing wall elements. When I tried to replace them on the blue print version, the walls appeared, but not the columns.

Attachments: The Blueprint File (307.9 KB)

Version Number and Mods in use: release-678, no mods

The preview of the Building Template shows it correctly (albeit from the other side)

Building Template Preview

but this is what it looks like when placed:


Welcome to the forum, @Banane9 :slight_smile:

This is another case of exploding templates. Thank you very much for the files!


What’s that bug about? O.o

Not sure yet, it’s a bit difficult to debug.
But it sometimes happens when placing templates down, that the parts appear moved or some wall is missing.
We have a case with one of the default templates too (Rayya’s Shadow) but I think that that template was working at first, so not sure what is happening :thinking:

So, does the building get turned into a template before it’s actually build (during the processing phase)?

Because it also happened with the straight up edited-and-build building

I believe that is correct, because after you create a building you can allows go back and save it as a reusable template later.

On another node… they like to create ALL the ladders

Lotsa ladders, mate!

That side is done, yet they’re building a whole wall of ladders

It's ladders all the way down!