Ogo skullbonker event wont trigger

is there a way i can force this event to trigger so i can move on heres current stats

@Relyss i summon thee

really does any one know hot to force trigger this event i have nothing to really do untill he is triggered

im just sitting here waiting my hearthings look bord my mlilitary is really bord of absolutly nothing going on at all (i havent been attacked by anything the entire time ive been waiting) @Relyss @yshan @sdee @jomaxro anyone …

This is the same save as in the other thread, right?

There is a problem here. In theory the Ogo army has already spawned (the encounter). I wonder if they did not find a place to spawn or if they despawned because they couldn’t go to your city.

It also could be that there was a problem when the encounter began, and it did not spawn correctly (which would be a bug).

The orc campaign is not willing to start because it says the Ogo’s arc has not finished.

You can force the Orc campaign to start with debug tools, though.

its the same save and theres plenty of space for his camp and @Relyss just as you say something he finally spawns and proceeds to eat my carpenter who for some odd reason was 3 miles away from town so … reloaded ugggggg

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Could that be because you mined the entire side of the world? :sweat_smile:
Most hearthlings were restocking all the ore and rocks from that mine.

So then it was a performance issue again :confused:
I hope you can start the Orc campaign properly now. Some encounters have wait times of several days, so that you can prepare for the battle.

ive been waiting for a long time the stage before ogo was completed on day 1 of growmun in stonehearth days its been atleast 5 in game months since the one who watches me told me to place a mountian windchime which i did

We’ll move this to the Bug Report section, then :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting!

heres the latest rendition of the savegame 1476791753586.7z (8.7 MB)
by the way my savegames ive noticed are getting progressivly bigger as time goes on is this normal this games saves very first save is like 2 mb the current rendition is almost the size of my usual minecraft worlds

about damn time 2 game days after this save file i sent you it finally happened @Relyss yip yip AWOOOOO to quote the wolves “saves game 7 times just to be sure its saved”

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