Odzor's Penguins - Qubicle creations

Thought i get a bit creative. So i decided to make some humanoid penguins. The coloring is pretty plain, but i will brush the shades later.

A penguin black smith or carpenter.

If biomes will be in the full release i’m planning to have modules of these guys in snowy biomes. Maybe another race like the Dwarfs or the mutated rabbit faction.


Always great to see more creativity coming from the community!

If I may comment a bit… it might be a good idea to put this “texture” on top of the Dwarf-Model, no? Creating a whole race and all its animations… that sounds like an overwhelming task. In my mind penguins are somehow small and chubby, so that might even work, no? Problem with this might be that the Dwarfs will not make it into the initial release. But if you are thinking about a complete race, that extra time could be even appreciated.

Maybe it is also worth to take a second look on the eyebrows (do penguins have some?) and the feets?

Yeah thanks for the reply! I made this for fun and haha i though i give the penguin some eyebrows to give them a bit more humanly characteristics. Also i can’t find any dwarf templates :C. I will still edit him and tweak him. But yeah i think he would look cute all smaller and chubby so when the game does come out i will try and re-model him round a Dwarf.

At the moment it’s just an idea so i am opening my ears for anymore suggestions on how to re-model him :smile:

I made some tasty fish that penguins might fish for. Perhaps a delicacy that the penguins religiously eat.

YAY its Tux! :smiley:
We can use him for the operating system wars mod!

Hehe, the fish somehow reminds me of a turtle… but is not less cute ;-).

Regarding the dwarf model… you will not find any official model prior the Beta. Radiant wants to avoid that you start working based on an early model and at the end you have to trash it (or adjust it) because they have changed their model. But if you want to give it a try, the picture you will find under the link above will give you a good starting point to count the Voxels and creat this model by yourself.

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Penguin V2 - The Penguin is smaller and chubbier. The feet look webbed and the head is attached to the body and the eyebrows have gone home.

I understand and thanks for the reply!