Objects/entities lacking names/descriptions upon selection

Again, not really a full on bug report, but something to help the developers catalog areas of (minor) improvement. There are still some objects/entities in-game who lack names/descriptions in the bottom left when you select them. If I am mistaken that the intent is to have everything have a name and description, feel free to ignore or remove this thread. If not, then I and other players can post to this thread to try and list all the objects where this applies.

The only I’ve found so far, as far as I can recall, are the little flowers you see standing around on the grass.

(By the way, I have the flowers selected, and am not even mousing over the log in the background. That sometimes seems to happen, where the yellow highlighting just occurs randomly somewhere.)

i’m pretty sure this was mentioned in a previous build, but this should serve as a good running list of objects we encounter…

thanks! :+1:

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I did do a quick search, but I may well have missed it. Anyway, sounds like it’s alright, thankfully :slight_smile:

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