Missing activity descriptors

Not really a bug, just an incomplete feature, so I’m making it a suggestion instead. As was described in a past Desktop Tuesday by Tom, some of the activity descriptors in the Citizens dialog are still missing. I thought it might be a good idea to help out by posting some of the ones I’ve noticed missing. Feel free to add any that I’ve missed that are also not in yet.

  • Sleeping
  • Placing [item]
  • Harvesting [crop]
  • Eating [food type]

Screenshots attached for each of these.


These have remained unchanged with the new release—as sort of a follow-up suggestion, I think it might be a good idea to code this in such a way that if there is an unknown activity (one without a descriptor), the dialogs will just not show any activity (no text, or perhaps something generic) rather than continuing to show the most recent activity that did have a descriptor (e.g., 9:23 in the video). If at all possible.

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I was not sure if this is a bug or not, but I’m pretty sure that its something that’s not in the game yet. Whenever crafters go to collect materials to craft an item, it states that the hearthling is idle. Maybe you should add something that says collecting materials, or simply crafting [X].

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good catch! I don’t think I’ve ever noticed this myself… :blush:


Thanks! I was just surprised that no one had noticed that yet!

Oh and while I’m at it is there a way to temporarily close the engine error window? I dont want to close it forever in case of an error that I need help with.

i believe that @Phagocytosis may have had a report about this, could be wrong though

Couple of reports:

Didn’t see any of @Phagocytosis’ reports though.

This really isn’t the same thing, In those bugs the Hearthlings are not working.

What i am saying is it says they are not working, while they really are. :relaxed:


I’ve noticed this a lot. There are lots of times that Hearthlings are doing something, but it says idle. Some examples:

  • A crafter taking an item to his/her station.
  • A Hearthling getting food, and walking to the eating location.
  • A Hearthling walking towards an item to be moved or taken down (and, I think, while moving, I need to test that).

There are others, too, I can make a more comprehensive list. But the most obvious one is the one the OP mentioned - crafters when bringing things to their stations.

[quote=“Kolom, post:3, topic:13179, full:false”]
Thanks! I was just surprised that no one had noticed that yet!
[/quote] I had, I just hadn’t remembered to put it into a bug report yet. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I just move it to the very, very bottom of my screen. Closing it works (until a new error comes), but having it at the bottom, it’s out of the way even if a new error pops up. However, with release 393, I know that error reporting windows have changed slightly, and I haven’t had a chance to play since that release.

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SARCASM Obviously i knew it first because i posted first SARCASM

Actually I think that you were more helpful than I was. @SteveAdamo should check out your comment.

I actually was referring to this new error window, there is a box that allows you to close it permanently, but not one that lets you close it temporarily

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The internet is a notoriously poor conveyor of emotion in words, including sarcasm. Honestly, though, I was also surprised nobody else had reported it yet.


New post to add:

I actually was referring to this new error window, there is a box that allows you to close it permanently, but not one that lets you close it temporarily

Found the answer here:
Better Error Window

The error window is much improved and can now be closed permanently via the Close Permanently button. … If you DO still want to see error messages, so that you can take pictures and send them to us (much appreciated!), then just close the window the usual way, by hitting the “close” button in the upper right corner. Unfortunately, updating the window borked our file paths such that the “close” link is invisible, but we’re sure you’re so used to hitting the button that muscle memory will help you get by. Please still go click there; your belief will make it work. (Fixing for next release.)

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Yep! :smile:

Although it looks like crafting is not mentioned in there… I thought it was. Anyway, that’s a topic where this discussion would also fit.


well… to merge or not to merge… @SteveAdamo, thoughts?

There is always someone who posted first, but I can never find those posts :laughing:


@Phagocytosis pointed out these four cases:
Placing [item]
Harvesting [crop]
Eating [food]
I listed some others above:
Crafter moving [item] to station
Getting ready to eat [food]
Moving [item]

Out of those seven:

  1. Sleeping. Still shows previous order.
  2. Placing [item]. Still shows previous order.
  3. Harvesting [crop]. It doesn’t specify what’s being harvested, but shows “harvesting…” for both berry bushes and crops, and it shows “harvesting [tree name]” for trees.
  4. Eating [food]. Appears to be fixed. Shows “eating [food]”.
  5. Crafter moving [item] to station. Shows “restocking” message for me. Possibly previous order?
  6. Getting ready to eat [food] (walking to it and picking it up). Shows “idle”.
  7. Moving [item]. Still shows previous order.

i guess i will merge.

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For both of these I’ve only ever seen Idle, even after a Carpenter had been stockpiling.

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i guess you are an admin now?
congrats! you definitely deserve it! :+1:


I know that problem all too well, myself :pensive:

Seconded! Congratulations @8BitCrab. Ah… I remember the days when I was a “leader”… that didn’t last long :stuck_out_tongue: