NPC starving for no reason

So i was playing an hour building around 15 houses NPCs would no longer eat while far from food stock piles 3 of them died of starvation.

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Were they in a party set to assault a location? Hearthlings tend to put your orders above their own needs and then die. If they were actively building then they may have been stuck somehow.

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I found something similar after I was sending the town into defense mode and I accidentally hit the town defense mode button twice like a double click, now they are all stuck posed like they are being defensive and I cant shut defense mode off

Sorry for an late response they’re were no assault orders or defense orders.

i noticed when i built things close to the edge of the generated map the hearthlings that walked all the way out were basically stuck. the work around I found is to do some harvest or mine orders nearby and drag them back to base that way. seemed to get them back to normal for me.