Not sure what to call this one

**Summary:**Every thing was running fine and i went to assign two jobs, the weaver and trapper and a UI error popped up and now i cant do anything. At first i could close out the error but when i tried to close the citizens it popped back up so i tried saving it but I don’t think it worked because it froze so i tried closing it and it did so it tells me it is saving like in the pick now and when i hit Esc it does pause but i cant click the buttons. While it is not paused the game runs like normal behind these screens. It wont let me copy the clipboard so i hope the pic is good enough if you need that. OK i just closed out the game to check and it did save but the error is not there and the 2 people i assigned jobs that i assume caused this error actually has the jobs and every thing is going smoothly.


Version Number and Mods in use: