[r156] UI gets stuck

OK, so I was playing Stonehearth on my brothers account, when I demoted a player from weaver to a normal worker. I promoted a normal worker to weaver, when I see something REALLY strange:

  1. Whenever I try to click on something other than the new weaver, it says that it’s the new weaver and the thing at the bottom-left that says what it is you’re clicking on won’t change to the item, it just stays at the new weaver’s name and info
  2. “Everything is the new weaver” according to the thing at the bottom-left and because of that I can’t move any items or look at other people’s stats, like what they’re wearing and stuff (I think)
  3. I don’t know what to do to make it go away!

So can you please take a look at that if you can find that bug, thanks!

That’s because the UI got stuck. And it doesn’t refresh when you click other things. You should be able to see stats and other things using the bottom menu, but I remember of another bug when this happened also and it blocked the entire UI so you couldn’t click anywhere and you couldn’t do anything.

I’ll check if I find a related report. But for sure it wasn’t caused by demoting-promoting.

Ok, just downloaded the latest version. Fortunately, no crashes and everything keeps improving smoothly.

But I barely started to play, when the UI got stuck, and I thought to report right here.

  • I think it began when I got stuck inside a Juniper Tree (I could see everything, but the camera didn’t respond, and after a few tries, I got outside of the tree and could move again the camera (perhaps a simple glitch, I think I read somewhere that it was fixed, this issue with the trees).

  • The bottom-left panel kept the information about the Juniper Tree wherever I clicked.

  • I could use some menus, but they were not very responsive (the Job promotion UI was empty, for example).

  • I had a notification, the traveler wanted to give me one Farmer’s Hoe, but due to the stuck UI I could get infinite hoes by clicking again in the notification icon.

  • I tried to build a template, but there wasn’t any button or message for saving the template / start building.

  • To sum up, if UI gets stuck, it’s hardly impossible to keep playing.

Looks like the causes of this problem can be varied.

So there are more ways for the UI to get stuck then just demoting and premoting.

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