GUI Bug -- "Hint Box" Doesn't Update

Title: GUI Bug – “Hint Box” Doesn’t Update

Summary: Occasionally, the hint box in the bottom left corner will become “stuck” to a certain item (in this case it was a workbench, though it’s happened with other items like crops and buildings). The game will continue running, but the player will be unable to play the game through that area of the UI (so, no crafting), though I believe the rest of the UI is still functional.

Steps to reproduce:
Uncertain, could be times of significant load on the computer.

Expected Results:
Able to switch between item descriptions

Actual Results:
Became stuck on workbench

Similar to this one: [Con] GUI Bug when placing Doodads
but I think it’s different enough to warrant another bug report.


timestamp 21:30

Versions and Mods:
Alpha 4 r122

System Information:
Windows 7
Intel i7

It’s because your UI froze when the traveler joined. You can tell from the debugging bar colors in the bottom right.

Checking out your video now :slight_smile:

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Hmmm… quite possible, though I’m fairly sure his has happened before without a traveler joining. The world I was playing before this exhibited the bug at least 5 times (in a very short timeframe–10 or so minutes), and I definitely didn’t have that many immigrants. However, I submit to your superior bug-hunting prowess, thank you! :smiley:


Haha, well, it’s true that (an)other cause(s) for a UI freeze along these lines have been reported, although I don’t remember which one(s), nor can I find the relevant posts. However, in the video, the immigrant certainly was the cause, because your accepting them was the moment when the freeze happened :smile:

If you do find it happens for a different reason, please let us know around here—it might help pinpoint the cause of this rather common issue.

I really liked your video, it’s a very good showcase of the new alpha!

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I can confirm this has happened, without a new villager as the trigger… and I think you’re correct @Phagocytosis that this has been reported, but I can’t locate the previous report…

The only topic I could find with a similar problem going on was this one, but that’s more about symptoms than causes… however, there are a good number of links going from and to the UI freeze topic, and I did not check all of them. If I remember it, I probably posted in it, and if I posted in it, I probably linked there, so that would be a good place to start.

All the same, this report could perhaps be merged with the UI freeze one, as in this case at least it was that cause.