[Res] Massive error game stopper


was being attacked by goblins attempted to start a new weapon so that i could make a second soldier.

Hey @flashand, I am confused (based on the image) what exactly the “massive error game stopper” is.

From the image, it would appear you had a UI error, and 9 times out of 10, pressing F5 (as the error states) will reset the UI and you can continue without issue. Did you attempt to press F5, and did your game proceed to run again? If F5 did not work, please let us know what happened after it was pressed.

I saved and reloaded seemed to fix the game. so that is a random bug :stuck_out_tongue:

The game pretty much froze when this came up, couldnt scroll every one was paused in mid stride etc. so i had to save waited about 2hrs then retried game. i dont think waiting was necessary but i had other things to accomplish.

Glad to hear that you were able to get it running again. There seems to be a memory leak as of the latest build (not confirmed by TR yet, but have been reports of it). If this happens again, would be great to know how much memory Stonehearth was reporting in the task manager to be using.

For now, I am going to page @Avairian, @8BitCrab, @SteveAdamo, or @Relyss to mark this as resolved. If you have this issue again, please post in this thread again with the details. :smiley:

TR is actually well aware of the memory leak, and are currently trying to track it down, so if i’m not mistaken they would be happy to get any saves that people have with memory leaks.

but i’ll page @sdee @yshan and @Albert just to get a confirmation that they actually would like those saves, and that i’m not going crazy again.