Not sure what is happenig here

Playing version 549 started a new game. Dug some clay, designed a building and it would not got stuck in the menu. Designed another structure and they would build that. But while i was designing the next part they started building the blocks i just placed even though i did not order them to start building. This weird behavior got filmed. Someone pleace explain to me what is happening and why i can’t seem to play riane in the desert. Also the amount of wood used for scaffolting is out of proportions. In the desert there is nearly no wood and the farmer can’t plant it. Builds are getting stuck because of lack of wood for scaffolting.

It’s actually an interesting challenge greatly spicing up the game.

  1. Chop cacti for cactus “wood”.
  2. Trade caravans are your friends. Get your economy up and running for a stable income available for trading!
  3. Steal wood from goblins. If you destroy goblin camps quick enough (before they burn all of their wood at night in a campfire) they can be a good source of timber.
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Not had that happen before… O_o

Shame the other one didn’t even start building, was a really nice structure. That one was more simple than mine that I recently put in. An L-shape building. Although yours has a foundation, mine had a second level balcony walkway foundation.

Don’t know why that one wouldn’t build, could be the way you did the stairs. Might be with the building as a whole with foundation included that they looked at and said no. Can’t say it is though, as I have built many similar to that, and they did.

Regardless the second house was indeed odd behavior. Shouldn’t really be doing that unless instructed to do so. Something apparently carried over wrong…

As to the wood, yes that is the challenge of the desert. I usually utilize the trade person, and start off with cutting the bushes and cactus. I selectively cut trees, and incorporate them into what I built. Most of my wood though comes from trade. I did at one time go on a long expedition to gather far from my settlement the trees, bushes, and cactus to have enough to build scaffolding for my primary bridge.

Things just take longer for the desert to build no matter what faction you play. Although the Ascendancy can eventually grow there own. In the beginning though it would be slow for them but will pick up. RC on the other hand at the moment will remain pretty slow at building things due to obvious facts.

I usually wait till I have a hefty stockpile of wood before even starting to build. Gained from trades primarily and what I find on the outskirts. I may get a couple built, but beyond that it is a waiting game…

Well the most issue with the first build is that i cannot seem to have it at start building. Normally after selecting build you get the menu showing the option to pause the build before you can change things. So the normal menu that starts of the build is not showing. This way i can’t tell wether they can build it or not.

First time doing the desert so yeahh they are all great tips. Was not the main point of this topic though. Just showing some strange behaviour. Did get debug tools again because i’m used to the options it gives (little bit lame i know)

Strange thing. Dunno what’s happening there.