Not being able to save the game

When I attempt to save my game randomly as I do the game gets deleted and it won’t allow me to even do a new save. This needs to be fixed, I realize this is still in its alpha stage but if I pay $30 for something I at least expect to be able to save my game and be able to pick it back up. There’s really no point in playing a game like this if you have to constantly start over from scratch after barley beginning to play it. Maybe there’s just an issue with soft ware for me I don’t know but if its more that just me having this issue it needs to be resolved.

As I suggest at the end of this post, you could try deleting the contents of the saved_games folder. When some savefile is corrupted by whatever reason, sometimes the Save functionality stops working properly.

I haven’t heard of people with this problem (disappearing savefiles). You can either overwrite a save, make a new save, or delete a save (useful when you have incompatible files - with the red background).

It could be that you have another problem, as you say. Seeing your other posts it’s likely. Did updating your graphic drivers really work?

Which version of Stonehearth are you running? Do you play through Steam? Which are your computer specs?


Processor: AMD Phenom™ II X4 945 3.00GHz
RAM: 16 GB
64-bit operating system
graphics card: Radeon HD 5770

And i am running through steam