Nordlingmod: Hersir - not finding equipment

I have been playing the crap out of the Nordlingmod - I enjoy the biome and the variant jobs system especially. I have some other comments about the mod, but I wanted to get this out of the way, as it may be more of a mod conflict than an odd choice of direction.

The mod/culture offers basically five combat classes: the Footman (Huskarl), the Archer (Skirmisher), the Cleric (Skald), the new Lord (Jarl), and the Knight (Hersir). I finally tried promoting my Huskarl into a Hersir (which went fine) but then I wanted to make armor and a weapon for him. As identified as usable by the Hersir job, I found literally no weapons (other than the starting tool), two shields (Bark Buckler and Ceramic Lid), one piece of body armor (Silver Platemail), and all five of the Runic Combs.

I have the following mods installed:
Wouter’s XP Curve Flattening
Workshop Inventory Display
Minimod: Archers Don’t Kite
Swords AND Plowshares
More Realistic Pricing
Specialized Loadouts
Primitive Armory
Cleric Combat
TMD Tier 1
Riallwood - High Template Pack
Riallwood - Basic Template Pack
6 Starting Hearthlings
Beam - Hearthling Stats Custom
Fisher Job + Archipelago Biome

I saw somewhere that there might have been a conflict with Nordlingmod having crafting objects that are specific to the mod and might conflict with ACE’s crafting objects, making objects that are coded to use the ACE crafting objects not show up in the Nordlingmod’s crafting lists. The inclusion of the Silver Platemail makes me certain that this is a bug or conflict, but I’m not sure whether this is already old hat or something new.

That’s on me really, I never actually added weapons and armor for them yet, and no one asked before now ( well except Cirdain but he talks to me daily lol) soo yeah. expect me to add some, but it will probably not be before the next ace update as I’ve started preparations for that, but if I push an update now it will break more than it fixes :’) so concider the problem noted! Also, I’m glad you have fun with the nordlingmod :smiley: so suggestion for now would just to run a jarl, and lots of footman with sword and board with a healer, untill I do add some stuff.

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