No windows, doors, furniture or signals on new builder

Hi everyone, first post so I ask you for sorry if there’s any mistake in this post.

I’ve been for weeks that I got this on Stonehearth:

I can’t even pick any option, it doesn’t appear on the menú. Does anyone knows what is happening there?


hi :slight_smile:
do you have any job assigned?
also, any mods?

Nothing. That picture has been taken at the beginning of the game, no mods or similar. Absolutely vanilla.

The items will first apear when you have a hearthling promoted to the class that makes it, so promote a hearthling to carpenter and the doors and windows will show up etc. :sunny:

as Fornjotr said, the furniture only appears when you have the crafter. And the crafter must unlock(by lv) the furniture so they will be available to add them into buildings

Oh my, I’ve been thinking the game was broken for weeks! I supposed the new builder works as the old one, but it seems to be better. Thanks to both for your help, I can play again! :smiley: